A. Plenary sessions

  • The EU in 2020. Goals of the transport policies: Mobility versus sustainability
  • Energy and vehicle of the future - Reduced and zero emission drives
  • ITS - Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Safety, security
  • City planning, transport planning

B. Sessions

1. New horizons in city transport
  • Planning transport strategies - Scenarios, sustainability
  • Harmonizing transport networks, service planning
  • Traffic management - Mobility centres
  • Role of authorities - Regulation
  • Marketing, Passenger information systems
  • Joint management of European, national and regional transport development
  • Cycling and walking
2. Transport infrastructures in the 21st century
  • The state-of-the-art vehicle from the passenger's viewpoint
  • Network planning, track planning, city development
  • Parking systems and controls
  • Logistics and infrastructure of freight transport
  • Vision of railway transport
  • Road transport by zero emission vehicles
  • Shipping in suburban and city transport
3. Transport strategies and management
  • Financing public transport
  • Road toll systems, congestion charging
  • Demand responsive, flexible transport - is it extravagant or economical?