On behalf of the European Platform of Transport Sciences (EPTS) and the Hungarian Scientific Association for Transport, we cordially invite you and your colleagues to our conference entitled

New ways in city and intercity transport

to be held in Budapest, between 8th and 9th November 2012 in Hotel Radisson Blue Béke.


The scientific organizations and associations for transport of Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Macedonia, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia formed the EPTS platform in Vienna in 2001 with the aim of encouraging the political, scientific and economic dialogue in the European transport sector. It is the goal of the association to promote scientific education and research (to support especially the young researchers), and to develop a European level cooperation with the scientific institutions. The EPTS member states organize international conferences at annually changing sites. After 2007, the Hungarian Scientific Association for Transport hosts the event for the second time.

The topic

One of the statements of the EU Green paper (Towards a new culture for urban mobility) says: "European towns and cities are all different, but they face similar challenges and are trying to find common solutions." Cities develop intense economic and social connections with their environment and with other cities. Thus extending the spatial aspect of the Green Paper, the main theme of the conference now is exploring and discussing on an international level the problems of urban, suburban and interurban transport and how they can be tackled. It is not easy to seek the balance between sustainability and competitiveness. The White Paper published last year emphasizes more than before the promotion of environmentally friendly transport systems, thus it also stipulates a stringent aim concerning urban transport: "...Halve the use of 'conventionally-fuelled' cars in urban transport by 2030; phase them out in cities by 2050; achieve essentially CO2-free city logistics in major urban centres by 2030." It is becoming more and more evident that certain practices are not sustainable, new solutions need to be found.


As based on national and international experiences, at the conference New ways in city and intercity transport, the options showing the way for a higher quality, passenger oriented and sustainable transport will be studied. Important representatives of the field will provide current information about topics such as urbanization, the interaction between man and transport, new technologies, questions regarding road toll systems, the possibilities inherent in regulation and several other themes. The outline of the program can be found under the link General program, while the detailed program is available under the link Detailed program.

Listen to the experts, express your opinion!

The different topics will be presented by the most prominent national and international professionals in the area. In the sessions and in the plenary discussion you will also be granted the possibility to express your opinion. The opinions will be summarized, and will be forwarded in form of recommendations to the decision makers. This is the place for networking, to get informed, to learn new solutions and to contribute with your opinion to the development of your city and country!